Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What I Learned

Through this research on how to appropriately assess the speaking skills of an ESL student, I have learned that both teaching and assessing needs to be multifaceted.  A good teacher will take the time to plan lessons with assessment in mind.  Assessment needs to happen throughout the teaching of the lesson, both formally and informally.  An ESL student can be an effective speaker of the English language when given the appropriate tools needed to excel.  I have learned about many good strategies that are important for an ESL student to succeed in the classroom with speaking skills.  Many components are needed of oral language (semantics, phonology, syntax/grammar, pragmatics) for an ESL student to be a proficient speaker of English.   A good teacher takes the time to get to know each ESL student to understand the level the student is at and where the supports need to be implemented for success.

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